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As leader of Total Life Counseling Dallas, Dr. Jada has prided herself on establishing the firm as a premiere provider of mental health, wellness and corporate training services in the State of Texas. These services have extended to corporations, celebrity clients, professional and amateur athletes, municipalities, in addition to, High-Net-Worth (HNW) clientele. She's believes everyone deserve professional support in life's journey.

Dr. Jada is a regular TV network contributor on the topic of Mental Health and Wellness throughout the United States. Here's a few of her more recent and timely appearances.

See more of her appearances on  on WFAA's Good Morning Texas

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Say Yes to Your Affirmations
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TLC offers a “full” range of Individual, Family, & Group Counseling services for Children, Teenagers, Adolescents, and Adults. Our Licensed counselors are Relational, Approachable and Specialists providing therapy services in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and the entire Lone Star State from our Headquarters in Downtown Dallas.

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Shermelia is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.
Licensed Professional Counselor of Total Life Counseling Dallas
Licensed Professional Counselor of Total Life Counseling Dallas
Certified Life Coach, Dallas Office Manager
Certified Life Coach (Gottman Trained)
Certified Life Coaches (Gottman Trained)

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